Corsair ep01 “A New Friend”

Delos Resort

2373, before the fall of DS9


Dressed in her favorite maroon bikini, Rialla Blake half-dozed in her lounge chair, luxuriating in the warmth as her emerald skin soaked up the light of the local sun.  The Orion had already swum a few laps in the pool, before deciding to lay out for a bit to dry off.  Dinner wasn’t far away, and she was eager to try the resort’s restaurant.

“Red really is your color.”

Rialla turned her head toward the speaker, peering over the top of her sunglasses. A possibly Human woman with long brown hair.  She was close to Rialla’s height and build, and the woman’s own floral print bikini showed off a fit and trim figure.

“Thank you,” Rialla replied sincerely.  “I’m told I look quite festive in a Christmas sweater.”

The woman smirked at her.  “I’m surprised you’re familiar with Christmas.  That’s one of many names for a decidedly Human holiday.”  She gestured to the empty chair next to Rialla.  “May I?”

There were plenty of empty chairs, but there were a lot of things the Orion wanted to forget right now, and she had no intention of spending her extended leave alone.  “Of course,” she smiled, gesturing towards the chair.

“Thanks,” the woman extended her hand.  “I’m Evelyn, by the way.”

“Rialla,” the Orion replied, shaking her hand.  “And I grew up on Earth, on Oahu.  Back home we said ‘mele kamikilaka’

Evelyn chuckled.  “I guess that would make you—”

“A Hawaiian Orion,” Rialla finished.  “I’ve heard that joke a few times.”

Laughing, Evelyn proceeded to spread out her towel.  As she started to sit down, she nodded at the horga’hn sitting on the small table between the chairs.  “You don’t really need that, you know.”

Rialla rolled on her side so she could face Evelyn.  “Because I’m Orion,” she asked with an arched eyebrow. 

Evelyn’s skin was fair enough that Rialla could clearly see her blush.  “No because you’re gorgeous,” she said as she sat down.  “But I get it.  I’m part Betazoid, and people make all kinds of assumptions about Betazoid women.”

While she was certain she knew Evelyn’s meaning, Rialla couldn’t resist teasing her.  “That you’re a pirate with ties to a major crime syndicate?”

Evelyn smirked again.  “Nice try,” she replied, tapping her temple.  “Empathic sense.  I can’t read your mind, but I can tell you’re just messing with me.”

“You should be able to tell what else I’m feeling,” Rialla told her slyly.

Evelyn cleared her throat, glancing at the horga’hn.  “Buy me dinner, and we’ll see how it goes,” she replied with a nervous chuckle.

[Rialla’s suite, several hours later]

            Rialla bolted awake with a gasp, her heart racing.  That damn dream again.  She didn’t have it every night, but that didn’t change the sense of sheer terror that it always brought, or the panic attacks.

            Only this time she wasn’t alone.  She vaguely felt Evelyn’s arms around her, stroking her back and making reassuring noises.  Rialla clung to her, gasping and trembling with a fear she couldn’t begin to define.  

But Evelyn’s ministrations worked, and Rialla found herself gradually relaxing.  Finally, she was able to pull away and let her arms relax.  “Thank you,” she said quietly.

It was too dark to see Evelyn’s features clearly, but Rialla could almost feel the Betazoid’s sympathetic gaze.  “I’ve never sensed that kind of fear before,” Evelyn said quietly, stroking Rialla’s face.  “That was no ordinary nightmare.”

Rialla merely shrugged, glad for the companionship.

“Do you want to talk about it,” Evelyn asked.  “I am a counselor, you know.”
            Rialla lay back down.  “Let’s just say it’s related to a mission I’m not at liberty to discuss.”

Evelyn lay down with her, draping an arm around Rialla’s middle.  “That sounds like Starfleet for ‘none of my business’.”

“Sorry,” Rialla replied, stroking Evelyn’s arm.

“At least promise me you’ll talk to someone with the proper security clearance,” Evelyn said.

“I have and I will,” Rialla promised.

Rialla lay staring at the ceiling long after Evelyn started snoring softly.


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